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Louve & Happiness Painting Live with Kimmie

What a fantastic start! Half way in and we’re half way to the goal! Please help us keep our momentum going! Please click here to support the Radio Dreams Project >


Kimmie goes LIVE on Facebook Oct 26th!





Kimmie entertains us going “live” on Facebook, Thursday 8pm (CST) while painting an oil on canvas original in celebration of her duet memoir, Radio Dreams, the love story of an outlaw DJ and a cosmic cowgirl. She also promises to play and sing a couple of her favorite songs penned by Joe Gracey. So, tune in, ask questions, become part of the creative process and tell her what color YOU think the roses should be! Click here to watch and comment!

Once the painting is finished we will spit it again. This painting is the “Louve & Happiness” incentive for the Radio Dreams project fundraiser. Limited edition signed and numbered Valentines cards based on the painting are also available.

For more information on how to purchase this original work of art click here >



Here’s a sneak peak of Kimmie reading one of her memoirs from the book:




Hello out there in Radio Land!

This is such a wonderful journey already and it’s just beginning! Many many many of Gracey’s friends from the past, childhood friends, his high school buddies, his KOKE-FM radio days fans, have  reached out to share old Austin and Ft. Worth stories! I can see that I’m truly in for a great year ahead once this book and audio documentary are out and the events surrounding the release begin!

Booking is underway for a tour with Bob Harris (who produced the companion audio CD to the book) and my virtuoso son Gabriel Rhodes, to tell tales and sing and play songs. Special thanks to The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation for pledging some tour support!  I’m thinking this might just turn out to be the most fun and creative adventure ever!

So thanks to all of you who are helping fund our  Radio Dreams  project! With your support we will soon be able to place some really wonderful archival documents and recordings and artifacts in The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and The Wittliff Museum in San Marcos so they will be available for research and keep Texas music and legendary musicians we love in the hearts and minds of future generations. Everything is being  preserved in acid free paper and plastic and the recordings are being backed up digitally. As the momentum of the project grows people are continuing to offer buried treasures to us for safe keeping knowing we will make sure they are placed where they belong in music history. The lyrics draft of the song “Lines” that Waylon Jennings autographed to me the day we wrote the song has found a perfect home at The Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock and that makes me very happy. It’s so much better for it to be where the folks who pass through there can glimpse the creative process we went through that day than it would be for it to have stayed hidden away in a dark closet.

Last week we focused on the importance of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Joe Gracey’s story. Without the care he received there in the 70’s he would have missed 30 years of amazing life, so we will continue to work with their PR department to offer up our story to encourage and comfort those whose lives have been affected by cancer. I even loaned his  Making Cancer History  t-shirt he liked to wear to treatments to The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum along with his Ernest Tubb autographed cowboy hat!  To read the first letter Gracey wrote me, which is also now on loan there click here > 

So stay tuned everybody and please continue to share our social media posts with your friends and keep those stories and comments coming! It feels so great to know that people love and remember Gracey and to know that so many people have pre-ordered the book and CD so he will soon be able to speak for himself once more and even tell you some of his great stories too!

Love & happiness & much gratitude,

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