The Amazing Afterlife of Zimmerman Fees A metaphysical story and cookbook

Kimmie suprises us again, this time with a novel-length story about one Zimmerman Fees as he makes his way through his afterlife adventures. Woven into the tale are over eighty recipes by Joe Gracey (the enchilada recipe is featured in the April/May issue of Saveur Magazine) and Kimmie as well as friends and family. 140 pages long, full of wacky side-trips, intriguing characters and soulful cooking. This is a facet of Kimmie Rhodes that we have not seen before. If you like her songs, we think you will like her tales too.

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Radio Dreams The Memoirs of Joe Gracey and Kimmie Rhodes

The Memoir Radio Dreams invites us into a unique and private world where by way of Kimmie Rhodes’ poetic storyteller voice combined with wry and witty excerpts from Joe Gracey’s journals we share a range of poignant human experiences. From restless youth, through the making of American music history, the battlefield of cancer and painfully autonomous reinvention, triumph and tragic loss, gratitude and grief, together they speak of an extraordinary life well lived.

gracey-radio-dreamsIn 1950 a renegade son, Joe Gracey Jr., was born to a society class family in Ft. Worth, Texas. Denying his obligation to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who were well-respected lawyers he began a career in country radio broadcasting at the remarkable age of eleven years. Dancing instead to the beat of the freak-redneck revolution, he became the celebrated “Pied Piper” of the Austin music scene as journalist, award winning disc jockey, ground breaking entrepreneur of cool and popular local crooner of country songs. Sadly, just as his star was rising on a recording career, fate dealt a cruel and ironic blow with an aggressive head and neck cancer leaving him alive but forever speechless, silencing the deep rich iconic “voice” of what had become known internationally as “Progressive Country Music” in the mid 1970’s.

kimmie-radio-dreamsOn a parallel path in 1954, Kimmie Rhodes was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, the much- romanticized windblown town that gave the world Buddy Holly. Her father a “carnie” who had been orphaned during the Great Depression taught her to sing at the age of six years, hoping to provide her with a skill should the same fate befall her. They worked as a team with Kimmie placed strategically to distract and charm salesmen and their customers, singing for ten cents per song, whilst Dad checked gambling bets in the back offices of car dealerships that fronted illegal bookmaking operations. By the 1970’s, a street savvy hippie chick, enticed by Grace Slick’s chant that “one pill would make her larger and one pill would make her small,” like Alice, she fell down a rabbit hole that eventually landed her in Austin Texas in the recording studio of Joe Gracey who had by then reinvented himself as record producer and publisher with an independent record label, having just recorded a talented young Austin guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

With her as his “voice” and him as her “everything” they embarked on a joyous three-decade adventure successfully traversing the wilds of the music business as critically acclaimed artists and writers, lovers, muses, and constant companions with fellow outlaws Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings, Jack “Cowboy” Clement, Emmylou Harris and others. Then cancer returned to Joe Gracey in 2008 and despite attempts to save his life and even through innovative technology restore his voice, he died in November 2011.

Radio Dreams the book along with a retrospective CD collection of her recordings, is scheduled for release Spring 2018 in conjunction with an exhibit to be presented by the Country Music Hall Of Fame, featuring a full length documentary trilogy They Called Us Outlaws for which Kimmie has been serving as associate producer. Prior to and in conjunction with this release, Kimmie plans to continue speaking engagements at universities and songwriting workshops and is also booking now for musical storytelling performances in theatres, house concerts and bookstores throughout Europe and the USA.

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