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Glastonbury 2022 – The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation Retreats

It’s always such fun to be with other writers at The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation retreats! Besides I always come home with new songs I would not have written on my own. Once a year I attend an early summer retreat in Glastonbury UK at a historical mansion, The Pennard House in Summerset. My friends, always including Beth Nielsen Chapman and Donna Taggart, to name a couple, are housed at a cottage about 1 mile down a pastoral tree covered lane. I always hang back and skip the ¬†“great room” breakfast with the others so I can have my walk alone and get inspiration for the day of writing.

After breakfast Chris Difford (Squeeze) posts a list of who will be writing with who on the old grandfather clock in the entry hall. We head into our various groups and write a song which we perform every evening at the Carriage House on another part of the grounds. At the end of the week invited guests from the nearby village attend our concert in the ancient private chapel at the back of the gigantic garden and grounds, where we play the “best of” songs of the week. By that time we are all in a peaceful “love bubble” and are our heads and hearts are full of songs! Oh… and did I mention the stellar catering and dinner plates the size of roses?!!!













Here’s a picture of the year’s 2022 retreat taken at the end of the show with Chris Difford front and center