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Love Like A Child

Song Year:

(words & music Kimmie Rhodes & Gary Nicholson)


We’ve been talkin’ about our future
and tryin’ to learn from the past.
Asking all the questions we shouldn’t have to ask.
I don’t need to understand.
I just want to take your hand
and know I can trust your smile
and love like a child.

I remember when a wish was a penny
and a heart was a Valentine
and all we ever hoped for was snow at Christmastime.
Now if my wish could come true,
I’d go right back there with you
and laugh and sing for a while
and love like a child.

Free to imagine love everlasting,
nothing to stop our dreams from running wild.
Free from all fear knowing you’ll always be here.
I want to rest in your arms tonight
and love like a child.