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September 25 Saxon

Kimmie Rhodes and Friends play the Saxon Pub early show to benefit HOME (Housing Opportunities for Musicians and Entertainers) Each week Kimmie & Gabriel Rhodes along with others who have helped curate the evenings will host a stellar line up of Austin musicians… all donating their time to lend a helping hand to their friends.

We know you love Austin music. You go to gigs and pay the cover charge to support the bands that put Austin on the map as the Live Music Capital of the World. But the economic reality of aging musicians is that, as time goes by, opportunity often decreases and yet, the rent and utility payments must continue to be paid. Health issues arise and it takes more than applause to keep the lights on.

HOME, Housing Opportunities for Musicians and Entertainers, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of musicians and business professionals dedicated to helping aging musicians in the Austin area pay their housing expenses.

Help HOME expand the ability to help more clients!

We are proud of our musical heritage. Austin’s identity is, in large part, built on its musical reputation. Please support our treasured creative community. Make a one-time or recurring donation, no amount too small or LARGE, to HOME so we can keep the music flowing.