Joe Nick Patoski’s Liner Notes:

If West Texas had a voice I think it would sound like Kimmie Rhodes. Her nightingale’s warble is as plaintive as the flat plains, pure as the untainted air, as big as the endless horizon, as wild and free as the wind. That alone is plenty of reason to warm up to her music, but that would overlook her ability to write songs so compelling and universal that stars like Wynonna cover her material or deny a presence so appealing that friends like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Townes Van Zandt and Joe Ely volunteer to lend their voices to hers. She’ll make you dance, she’ll make you listen, and most of all she’ll make you glad that there are a few folks left on the planet who make music for the pure joy of it all.
“With a voice like fine dry wine and imagery as sharp as steel, this singer/songwriter is compelling. Will America ever discover her?”
– David Zimmerman…USA Today

“… it wasn’t until the release of “West Texas Heaven” that most of us were given a map to the treasure that’s been buried in our own back yard.”
–Micheal Corcoran

Vocals: Kimmie Rhodes, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Townes Van Zandt
Background vocals: Beth Nielsen Chapman appears courtesy of Reprise, Joe Ely appears courtesy of MCA
Bass: Spencer Starnes, Joe Allen
Drums: Barry “Frosty” Smith, Freddy Fletcher
Rhythm guitar: Kimmie Rhodes, Joe Gracey, Waylon Jennings, Jack “Cowboy” Clement,
Wes McGhee, Jesse Taylor
Lead guitar: Willie Nelson, Gabe Rhodes, Wes McGhee, Jesse Taylor
Steel guitar: David Zettner
Accordion: Mike Maddux
Harmonica: Mickey Raphael
Keyboards: Beth Nielsen Chapman, Floyd Domino, Jeremie Rhodes
Dobro: Jack “Cowboy” Clement
Mandolin: Johnny Gimble
Recorded at: Pedernales & Arlyn Studios, Austin, Texas, and
Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa, Nashville.
Engineers: Joe Gracey, Niles Clement
Assistant: Gabe Rhodes
Edited by: Joe Gracey at Terra Nova Digital, Austin, Texas
Produced by: Joe Gracey & Kimmie Rhodes

Art Direction and Photography: Alan Messer
Styling, hair & make-up: Sharon Ely
“Les Roses Sauvages” translated by Patrick Coutin
(thanks to Pamela McLeod for the French lessons)
thanks to Randy Banks for “Where is my love”.
thanks to Mike Tolleson & Doug Holloway
All songs written by Kimmie Rhodes and
published by Rondor/Irving Music (BMI) and Gracey-Rhodes Music (BMI)
except “Home John” by Jimmy Day, published by Jimmy Day Music (BMI)
This record dedicated to Joe Gracey Sr. and Ernest Chapman
Special thanks to God “from whom all blessings flow”

West Texas Heaven
was chosen one of the Top Ten records of ’96 by…

#6 in Top Country Records of 96 – USA Today

#3 – -Micheal Corcoran

#10 (in alphabetical order) -John T. Davis

#10 Regional Top Ten -Chris Riemenschneider – Austin American-Statesman

#1″Great lyrics, sweet melodies and a Texas voice to lose yourself in.” – Mike Regenstreif… The Montreal Gazette

Top Ten of 96″As a songwriter she comes out of the same rich lode that has given the world Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Robert Earl Keene. Rhodes has one of those voices that would convert singing the restaurant menu into a passionate emotional experience.” – Bruce Elders… Rhythms Magazine…Australia

#10 “Hard to imagine another release evoking a more genuine sense of place…Rhodes writes and sings of timeless things with an unforced openness.” – The Virginian Pilot

#1″This is an incredibly special album. Each play reveals something new and different. The title says it all.”-Steve Reid…Country Music Review Page

#4 Raoul Hernandez Local Top Ten, #6 Lee Nichols’ Local Top Ten. – The Austin Chronicle

#10 Critic’s Choice Top 20 of 96 – Country Music International

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