Compilation CD 1995-2005

When I first decided to come to Austin & make records I made a private deal with myself to let ten years go by, see how it was going & then decide whether or not to carry on for another ten. That time soon passed & I took the look as planned. I was satisfied so I opted for ten more. Life then handed me countless amazing days & nights of writing songs & making this music with more gifted & creative people than anyone could ever dream of knowing & working with, far more than I could begin to name. I am grateful beyond words for the encouragement, friendships, magic, freedom of expression, fun, laughter, travel, experience, pleasure, spiritual growth, memories, love & happiness those ten years brought me. I’ve always said that my songs are my journal, my way of remembering where I was & what I thought at the time. Now ten years have passed again, it’s a hot July day, I’m looking back & at this moment the best I could wish for is ten summers more.

Special thanks to Joe Gracey, Gabe Rhodes, Bones Howe, Kevin Savigar & John Leventhal who produced & to all the musicians & artists who performed on these tracks. Thanks also to David Conrad & all the folks at Irving-Rondor for making me part of the family & giving me the freedom to write these songs & make this music.

Sunbird Music:
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