Hypnotized, Kimmie Rhodes’ 19th solo album, continues an unbroken chain of diverse and creative work from the legendary West Texas artist. Her new self-penned tunes weave a tapestry of styles and sounds that are rooted in all of Americana’s best rock, pop, and folk influences. From the lush title track to the jaunty singalong, “No Tom Petty” to the irresistibly sly and flirtatious “Man Who Went Walking” to the mantra of hope, “Just Love,” and “If You’d Close Your Eyes,” the warmly affectionate duet with punk icon Alejandro Escovedo, Kimmie’s eclectic and empathetic voice and songwriting style prove to be wondrously hypnotizing.

Drums & Percs. – Rick Richards, John Chipman, Sam Rich, Gabriel Rhodes
Bass – Scott Gunter
BG Vocals – Shawn Pander, Gabriel Rhodes, Ruby Grace Rhodes, Kimmie Rhodes
Acoustic Guitars – Kimmie Rhodes, Gabriel Rhodes
Electric Guitars – Gabriel Rhodes
Keys – Gabriel Rhodes, Louis Rhodes
Harmonica – Bill Carter
Saxaphone – Dana Robbins

Produced by Gabriel Rhodes
Associate Producer – Kimmie Rhodes
Mixed by – Gabriel Rhodes
Mastered by – Mark Hallman
Photos by – Jme LaCombe
Stylist – Jolie Goodnight

Manufacturing and Streaming – Good Cop Bad Cop
Recorded at Sunbird Studios Briarcliff, TX and Bumshoe Studios Austin, TX

Sunbird Music:
[email protected]
Trudie Meyerscough-Harris
[email protected]