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Kimmie Rhodes Dreams of Flying CD presents all new originals and a classic duet with her fellow Lubbockite Joe Ely. This group of songs takes us on a poetic voyage from dark to light, longing to hope, grounded to flight in Kimmie’s unforgettably personal yet universal style, ranging from dramatic dreaming to soulful playfulness. Dreams of Flying features an intriguing all-star cast of musicians: Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), John Gardner (The Dixie Chicks, Jesse Winchester, James Taylor) and Mike Thompson (Eagles). Produced by virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Rhodes, this recording also includes a song written by his brother Jeremie Rhodes and the CD jacket artwork features stunning photographs by one of America’s most celebrated artists, Kate Breakey.

“Native Lubbockite Kimmie Rhodes is just as deserving of mention in the same revered breath with fellow West Texan musical legends such as Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and the Flatlanders. And no, we’re not smokin’ anything. But don’t take our word (or Willie’s) for it. On Dreams of Flying, Rhodes makes the case just fine on her own, with the same elegantly crafted, soulfully beautiful and perceptive-songstress ease that she has for years… “ Lone Star Music Magazine

“A great performer in her prime, capable of really special work.” Sid Smith – BBC Music Review

“… might be her finest effort yet…buy this immediately.” Texas Music magazine

“Indeed, an evergreen quality of Rhodes’s voice is that of being able to send shivers down the spine of the listener. If there’s any greatness on the album that comes close to rivalling Rhodes’s voice, it’s her ability to conjure metaphors that really please the ears and mind. “Dreams of Flying” is an at-times frighteningly beautiful album. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt compelled to write such words on a Kimmie Rhodes album and I doubt it’ll be the last. Go, buy it, be grateful” – Peter McGee, Bluesbunny Music Reviews – Glasgow

“… this is Kimmie’s greatest achievement yet.. a tale of finding ways of dealing with life when it throws all it can at you… singer-songwriter who dfinitely doesn’t shy away from honesty in her music” – Maverick Magazine

“…as you’d expect from an artiste of her calibre the team on the album are top drawer players and the record is beautifully put together….title track bittersweet Dreams of Flying, which sets the album’s tone perfectly Rhodes fragile vocal drawing the listener into the music, the aching sadness of track two Back Again is heart-breaking, wonderfully written, perfect-fit instrumentation and a pure yearning vocal, New Way Through is painfully soulful, delicate and tender – further proof if any is needed that Rhodes is a rare and graceful talent “ – No Depression

Kimmie Rhodes – vocals, acoustic guitar
Joe Ely – vocal “Catch the Wind”
Gabriel Rhodes – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, mandolin, banjo
Charlie Sexton – bass
John Gardner – drums, percussion
Mike Thompson – keyboards, mandolin
John Mills – saxaphone & clarinet

Produced by Gabriel Rhodes

Joe Gracey – mixing & mastering
Gabriel Rhodes – recordist
Art Direction Kimmie Rhodes
Recorded at Sunbird Studios, Austin, TX

Sunbird Music:
[email protected]