Welcome to the new Topspin website! Special thanks to Steve Raymond and Todd Valentine for getting us on track and keeping us there. Now you can cruise around and easily find tour dates and links to how to buy tickets to shows, watch videos, download music and photos and keep in touch with us. Be sure to check out the mini film “Kimmie & Friends” I made on the media video page, my first attempt at animation and a fun way to show some photos with friends and fans 2008 –2009 tours. I’m starting a new one for 2010 so if you get any great photos from the road please send them and maybe I can include them. Also follow the link to Joe Gracey’s blog for musings from “Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.

One Response to Welcome!

  1. carmel mooney says:

    Hi, Love the website –
    I was wondering if you could help me at all please.
    Could you tell me how or where I could buy the single/ CD or download of ‘Mary Covered In Roses’ by Kimmie.
    I heard it on BBC and thought it was absolutely beautiful, but cant seem to find it listed anywhere.

    Would appreciate your advise
    Kind Regards


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