Uncut Review of ‘Miracles On Christmas Day’

Here’s a great review of ‘Miracles On Christmas Day’ from Uncut

“Given that Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell have all likened her to an angel (both in voice and spirit), it’s only fitting that Texan songwriter Kimmie Rhodes should release the suitably seraphic Miracles On Christmas Day (three stars, Sunbird Records). It’s all downy and delicate, with Rhodes’ balmy tones floating over guitars, mandolin, cello and, yes, aglassharp. There’s a host of heavenly help to hand, too, most notably from son Gabriel (naturally) and former Bowie/Iggy percussionist Hunt Sales. Over-sweet at times maybe, but ultimately uplifting. Rhodes new LP, Dreams Of Flying, is due in the Spring.”

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