New Album ‘Covers’

In celebration of their new CD release, “Covers” Kimmie & Gabriel Rhodes, very excited to be joined by newest band member, multi-instrumentalist, Ruth Trimble, hit the road spring 2014. This Cd is a departure for songwriter Kimmie Rhodes who with this group of recordings has accomplished a “career- long dream” of recording a complete collection of songs written by other writers. Kimmie promises that along with treating the audience to her interpretations of timeless “covers”, like “Yesterday”, Rodney Crowell’s beautiful “Adam’s Song” and other new additions to the set list they will still be playing all the favorite self-penned songs along with a couple of her newly written tunes for the fans! Special Guest Jolie Goodnight, Kimmie’s daughter will be along in support of her premiere release “Say Goodnight Gracey” which was produced by Gabriel Rhodes. Lots of fun and a great show promised!  Don’t miss it!



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  1. Stan Zettner says:

    Hey K—
    Been sitting here all night listening/watching all your stuff–DANG, sure do miss bro Dave! Hope to come up your way someday when the smoke clears and BS with ya’ sometime! I been playing quite a bit here and there (accor/keyboard/bass) and having fun! Play a lot in Hallettsville area with polka band and country stuff! Really do enjoy all your stuff here on the PC—- hope to see ya’ again sometime! Only met you maybe twice–LOL!
    take care now–
    Stan Zettner
    Pleasanton, Tx

    • k1mmE says:

      I miss him so much too and think about him a lot. He was a really unique and wonderful guy and one of my favorite people EVER!!!Hope you’re doing well. Great to hear from you.

  2. John Coyle says:

    Hi KImmie we really enjoyed your show in the naul last night you just get better every time keep up the good work. John

    • k1mmE says:

      Thanks John we loved it! Will be back in March. Dates will be on the website soon! Come see us! This time my daughter Jolie Goodnight will be with us to promote her first release “Say Goodnight Gracey” out soon!

  3. John Coyle says:

    Hi KImmie we really enjoyed your show in Seamus Ennis center last night rgds john

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