Dreams of Flying

Kimmie’s new album ‘Dreams of Flying’ is available now! You can get a high quality audio download of the new album at http://kimmierhodes.com/?albums=dreams-of-flying or buy the CD from CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kimmierhodes2.

Kimmie Rhodes Dreams of Flying CD presents all new originals and a classic duet with her fellow Lubbockite Joe Ely. This group of songs takes us on a poetic voyage from dark to light, longing to hope, grounded to flight in Kimmie’s unforgettably personal yet universal style, ranging from dramatic dreaming to soulful playfulness. Dreams of Flying features an intriguing all-star cast of musicians: Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), John Gardner (The Dixie Chicks, Jesse Winchester, James Taylor) and Mike Thompson (Eagles). Produced by virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Rhodes, this recording also includes a song written by his brother Jeremie Rhodes and the CD jacket artwork features stunning photographs by one of America’s most celebrated artists, Kate Breakey.

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  1. BILL KIRCHNER says:


  2. BILL KIRCHNER says:


  3. klaske ferwerda says:

    On 6 april you have been whit us in our Studio ”Dreamprojectstudios” in the littele village Ee en there was also Albert de Vries, you and your son have don 2 great songs live..en I have get 2 albums and you now Kimmie I didn’t no your music and your great songs , But now one week later, I must tell you that you’ve got a new big fan! Really your voice is so Beautiful so warm it give’s me a real great feeling so peaceful..thanks for that..Youre new album and also the song”DREAMS OF FLYING” I like that very much..I just want to tell you that I am greatfull to may have discoverd your music..I whis you a lot off fun and joy and peace and all so a lot of love ..kind greetings Klaske Ferwerda

  4. Annie Sarazin says:

    Heard you Friday, May 20, 2011 on the Gerry Anderson show on Ultser radio (I listen to Gerry’s show through the web pod cast). I was very taken by your voice and songs that you sang on his show! And YOUR BEAUTIFUL VERSION of the Donavan classic ‘Catch the Wind’ that Gerry played on his show. Why have I not heard of you before? I feel that I have been missing much and have a lot of catching up to do! Keep on keeping on! How I wish I was in Ireland right now to be able to go to one of your shows there.
    All the best… a new fan from Vancouver, BC, Canada

  5. willie newton says:

    We were at your show in Flowerfields Portstewart on 27 May 2011 and must say it was fantastic . This is the third show we have been to and each one gets better and better . Your voice is really great and the songs you sang were beautiful , we look forward to your return to Flowerfields and hope you will be back real soon.
    Best Regards a new fan

  6. Mike Bolli says:

    Simply & totally wonderful – I’m a big fan of Jessie Colter and now a big fan of Kimmie Rhodes!!
    All the best… a new fan from Quesnel, BC Canada

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